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Default div playoffs

i like atl over seattle.....seahawks are not what they used to be and i think falcons will win by double digits with their high powered offense on full display (i believe every game at home has gone over the total in atl)

obviously the pats beat the texans....i think michael floyd has a big game as the pats flex their muscle with their late offseason pickup.

steelers over the chiefs.....wow this game is tough...i have been on pitt all year as AFC champs and while andy reid is 15-2 comming off a bye week...i went back and looked at kc schedule and get this...not counting the second raiders game when carr was hurt...the chiefs have beat two teams this season that finished the season with a winning record....atlanta..and oakland (with carr earlier in season)..they were 2-4 in such games on the year

cowboys over packers....i think the packers inflated win streak gets snapped...no jordy will be a big problem...dallas limits the opposing teams offense by sustaining long drives and i just am not that impressed with packers beating a bunch of cupcake teams other than giants last week....also remember....it was like 9 degrees....beckham was obv affected greatly by the cold and i think at a neutral site the gaints win that game....

facts i am very interested in your thoughts on these games...in particular the steelers and chiefs....also will their be a podcast this week...thanks

*update ..i have changed my pick in the kc pitt game to kansas city.....cant trust ben on the road and with a wintery mix...give me team with better d and who is home.

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Default Re: div playoffs

Hey moneymike i will give some of what i am thinking on the two games i am interested in. The first one, lets start with ATL VS SEA.

ATL is the number 2 team in total yards per game(120.5 rushing and 295.3passing) as i see on my source. And number one in total PPG. The Seachickens give up 18.2 points a game i know BUT , at 92.9 rushing yards per and 225.8 passing per game. With the weather not being a factor as its indoors and in ATL. As the key safty is out, i see it as win win and a good chance for -5 to be a good line. Now running the ball and some D will have to be played by ATL. My money is on the Falcons and i like it at -5. I see the O/U is 51 1/2 so the points have to come from someplace and i think it will be from the falcons and an actually well balanced attack. RUN/Pass! Keeping wilson and jimmy and baldwin off the feild. I honestly hate putting my picks out and my break down cause i'm no great guru but hell i will be happy to learn and hell people jumping in and telling me my cracks in thinking will only help me become better, right? LOL Im out!

I will get on my other game around noon when i wake up from my slumber.
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